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EcoSBR IoT Controller

  • Controls and monitors the plant with built-in pressure sensors that analyse the flow characteristics, automatically reacting to variations in operating conditions
  • The controller has a built-in battery that retains operating information in case of power outages so that the plant starts and stops at the correct cycle
  • Factory fitted Wi-Fi remote monitoring to monitor and transmit status reports during operation when enabled



No Fuss, No Smell & No Noise

Operational Simplicity

  • Fully automated plant operation not requiring skilled operators

Airlift Pumps

  • For long life and reduced operating & maintenance costs The biological reactor does not have electro-mechanical sewage pumps that get blocked by unwanted inorganic material typically found in wastewaters.

Shock Loads

  • Variations in the flow rate have little impact on the process quality as a collection chamber is used to smooth out flow variations.