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Biogest PowerRing

The Efficient Allrounder

The versatile PowerRing digester was developed as a modular tank-in-tank system to overcome all challenges of a modern biomethane or biogas plant.


  • High feedstock and dry matter flexibility

  • Reduced heat loss and electrical consumption

  • Allows for easy access to all equipment

  • Simple maintenance

  • Outstanding reliability and operational stability

  • High total full load hours

  • High degradation rates and therefore low feedstock consumption

  • Standard designs ranging from 500 – 5,000 kWth per module

THESE advantages lead to outstanding performance, this is apparent in our many reference plants.

Product features

The outer ring, being the primary digester of the PowerRing, is designed to fundamentally improve the mixing efficiency. In contrast to a classic tank design where complete homogenization of the digester volume can present operational challenges, the feedstock in the ring-digester is naturally led through the digester due to its channel-like shape. As a result, the PowerRing is suitable for a wide variety of feedstock including lignocellulosic feedstock with high dry matter that can be used and efficiently processed.

PowerRing, what are your superpowers?

  • Proven, outstanding efficiency
  • High degree of degradation
  • Low energy consumption
  • High performance numbers
  • Mesophilic/Thermophilic Ring-in-Ring digester
  • Top components, best-of-class technology
  • Various designs
  • Time-saving service and maintenance