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Sewage & Wastewater Purification

From wastewater to usable water.
No fuss. No smell. No noise.

The SBR wastewater treatment process is an activated sludge treatment process with aeration and clarification in a single reactor. SBR biologically treats the wastewater in batches sequenced through a series of treatment stages.

EcoSBR is an advanced low-energy sewage treatment system specifically developed for property owners and developers, housing estates, remote lodges, hotels, offices and retail centres.

Features and Benifits

  • Designed to be capital efficient, best value
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Does not require a skilled operator
  • Discharge water suitable for safe reuse in flushing & irrigation applications
  • Can be supported by remote monitoring and O&M contracts, if required
  • Energy efficient system, eco-friendly
  • Exceptional reliability

EcoSBR IoT Controller

  • Built-in sensors to analyse variations in operating loads to automatically adjust operations
  • Wi-Fi enabled for remote monitoring and status reports
  • Built-in battery that retains operating information in case of power outages so that the plant starts and stops at the correct cycle
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory whose products are manufactured according to European laws and standards (-> CE mark).

Airlift Water & Sludge Transfer

Water & sludge transfer between the chambers is done using airlift pumps which are safe and reliable compared to electro-mechanical pumps. Airlift pumps do not require electrical connections in the water and they require very little maintenance as there are no moving parts or impellors that can get fouled.

Shock / Under Load Ready

  • Most package plants cannot deal with shock loads or low / no flow conditions.
  • Shock Loads – when there is high flow, the collection  tank  buffers  the excess inflow and spreads the load across the treatment cycles, all made possible with the correct design.
  • EcoSave – The EcoSBR Controller automatically switches to EcoSave mode when no sewage flows into the collection tank within a treatment period. EcoSave is important for keeping the bacteria alive while saving energy

Quick & Easy Installation

The external functional parts are factory assembled in a control cabinet or skid to reduce the amount of site work. The control cabinet/skid houses the EcoSBR IoT controller, electrical cabinet, valves & valve manifolds, and blower. The post-treatment equipment, such as filters and dosing pumps, are also mounted in the skid.

Customers are invited to witness the FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests) prior to dispatch.

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