Wastewater Treatment



Biocomplex is a unique marine algae extract which provides many benefits in Wastewater treatment

  • Ion exchange – by "offering" negative ions to positively-charged elements in the water gives the product’s ability to block metals and eliminate odours.
  • Feeds microbes – a range of unique prebiotics occur naturally in Biocomplex
  • Protects microbes from inhibiting compounds which affect biological performance – alginates + ion exchange completely eliminate inhibitors and toxins such as H2S, ammonia, heavy metals, and etc.


A low-cost wastewater treatment solution you can trust

H2E Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants

The H2E Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment Product Range offers effective, low-cost treatment solutions in a small footprint with no need for a power connection. Our systems utilise EKO GEA’s proprietary marine algae additive, Biocomplex, along with Cristobalite, a unique bio-media, providing the answer to thorough biological cleaning – feeding, protecting, and sheltering microbes. H2E enables the digestion processes to conclude totally and the microbes provide self-cleaning of the Cristobalite and the entire H2E plant.



“Why is H2E so efficient?”

“It’s quite simple, an increased number of very healthy of microbes in a protected, safe environment do the work more effectively in a shorter space of time!”


How the H2E System Works:

Anaerobic digestion (AD) uses microbes to digest organic solids in sewage. EKO GEA has developed a number of innovations which considerably enhance the performance of AD systems providing quick, problem-free, and complete decomposition of organic material in sewage


Enhanced Filtration

The Cristobalite bio-filter media is packed into the bio-filter section offering the following attributes:

  • Physical filtration capacity which exceeds that of activated charcoal or other filtration media
  • Tremendously increased surface area enabling an exponential proliferation of anaerobic bacteria
  • Shelters microbes – Cristobalite, a porous and robust bio-filter media, offers 1 km² of surface area for each m³ of media, providing a tremendously increased area for microbial “workers” to live



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