Renewable electricity generation can address some of the major energy challenges experienced by mining companies;

  • Costs - energy costs can contribute a significant portion of operating costs especially for remote sites not adequately serviced by national grids.
  • Energy security – many developing countries have constrained supply
  • GHG emissions – electricity produced from coal and diesel have high GHG emissions.


The above challenges are driving the need for alternative supplies of renewable energy that is cost effective and reliable.


Selectra Solutions

Selectra has developed a range of unique solutions for renewable power generation that are viable business propositions for mine operators. The system benefits are;

  • Energy cost savings over fossil fuels, approximately half the cost of diesel generation
  • Reduced CAPEX cost through locating the generation plant close to the mine
  • Quick implementation time, ranging from 12– 18 months depending on headline technology used and site conditions
  • High efficiency systems have reduced the fuel consumption which reduces the cost of produced energy
  • Energy security with system availability greater than 95%
  • Reduced emissions of GHG’s
  • Clean energy with flue gas technology to ensure particulate emissions below EU and World Bank standards
  • Potential for community involvement in the agriculture component
  • Reduced risk of transporting diesel to site
  • An effective shelter against oil price volatility
  • Unmatched system durability - + 20-year product life

The solutions developed make use of two major energy production pathways – Biomass Direct Combustion and Anaerobic Digestion.

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