Developing sustainable projects in the waste, water and bioenergy nexus is a major undertaking. It’s crucial for the project to be handled by skilled, experienced and dedicated personnel to guide the project from conception to completion thereby reducing the risk to the parties.

Our playing field is Africa and as such we operate in unique circumstances with diverse demands that renders solutions developed for mature markets inoperable and hence the job at hand is much more than transplanting technology in the hope that it will work.

Our approach is to look for the conditions to ensure success, the enabling factors, and these should provide sufficient support to meet the project sponsors needs in a sustainable manner. This we call the SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE, a major differentiating point between ourselves and technology vendors.


A key tenet of early-stage development is fatal flaw analysis. To manage development risk, fatal flaws need to be identified and analysed quickly and accurately to avoid investment of scarce risk capital into "bad projects"

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