H2E Anaerobic Digester


Anaerobes, the microorganisms found in oxygen less environments, are slow reproducing and slow acting, mainly as a result of their respiration system which sources oxygen directly from their “food.” This factor is addressed in the H2E design to achieve shorter processing times and more efficient digestion. The H2E digester is an anaerobic wastewater treatment plant which offers the following advantages;



  • Exponential increase in bacteria numbers – The basis for this increase is our Cristobalite bio-filter media, an extremely porous, inert mineral that provides 1km2 of surface area for every 1m3 of volume creating a massive surface area to house the bacteria. This exponential increase in the number of workers (bacteria) results in a more efficient process with higher capacity.
  • Prevention of wash-out – more than 90% of the bacteria are attached to the bio-filter media increasing efficiency as the system does not have to wait for the slow growth of new colonies of bacteria.
  • Food is delivered to the workers – the feedstock is channelled through the Cristobalite bio-filter media thereby efficiently delivering food to the workers thus negating the need for the slow moving bacteria to search for food.
  • Long SRT (solids retention time) with short HRT (hydraulic retention time) – SRT relates to process yield, cleaner wastewater and more energy from the same biomass. HRT determines the footprint and resultant capital cost.



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