Success or failure of projects depends on factors ranging from technical complexities, environment, stakeholders, client-contractor-subcontractor contracting strategies and above all on management of the relationship between the parties.




1. Alignment of Goals


We endeavour to establish a cooperative environment with commitment to common goals.



2. Clearly Defined Project Scope


The importance of complete and unambiguous project goals and a project scope cannot be over emphasised - it sets the direction for all subsequent work, costs and timeframes at a given quality level.



3. Form of Contract


The party’s needs are interrogated to ensure selection of the best contacting model for the project participants. Contracting models include;

  • EPC
  • EPCM



4. Project Team Development & Integration


We believe that developing a project is a collaborative effort requiring an integrated team with members from the client, ourselves and specialist service providers.

Each team member should have very clearly defined roles and responsibilities based on their competences and what they individually bring into the partnership as defined in their scope of works.



5. Joint Risk Management


The Client is ultimate owner of all project risks, since those risks are transferred and paid for according to the contracting model deployed.

Adoption of a joint risk management approach focuses on addressing risks and finding cost effective solutions rather than trading blames or passing bulk.



6. Strong Leadership


Clear and visible leadership that is sensitive to the culture and philosophy of project participants is vitally important.



7. Open Honest Communications


The formulation and agreement of project aligned goals and establishment of the Integrated Project Team with acceptance of joint risk management promotes open and honest communication as it fosters the belief that all individuals are members of the team and that the entire team is focused on achieving the project aligned goals.






The quality of the management of relationships between contracting parties is paramount to project outcomes that are world class and that enhance value for all the stakeholders.

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