Milking parlours are energy intensive as electricity is used to run chillers to reduce the milk temperature from 39oC to the holding temperature of 4oC. Hot water is also used for the cleaning in place (CIP) washing of the milking equipment. The energy source for these operations is grid supplied electricity which comes at great cost to the farmer.


Small and medium size dairies have difficulty competing successfully with larger operations. The use of the biogas produced from anaerobic digesters to generate electrical and thermal energy through CHP generators presents an opportunity for the small and medium size dairy to remain competitive.


The Dairy Power Box is a containerised Waste-to-Power Solution specifically designed and developed by Selectra for dairies.


The Dairy Power Box provides an off-grid power source at reasonable cost through the anaerobic treatment of the waste and wastewater from the dairy to produce biogas. Combustion of the biogas in a CHP (Co-Generation of Heat and Power) generator set displaces grid electricity by producing up to 70kW of electrical power for use by the farm and also reduces the load on the farm by providing 15kW or more of thermal energy in the form of hot water for use in the cleaning processes.


The Dairy Power Box system is housed in ISO shipping containers and the plug & play design enables installation with minimum disruption to farming operations.


The Dairy Power Box system offers a payback of between three and five years depending on site specific criteria.



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