Selectra’s unique solutions architecture that are based on clients’ individual needs and requirements have significant potential to support community development projects. These projects all have low-carbon development goals which are aligned to,


  • Renewable energy generation
  • Provision of rural sanitation
  • Addressing nutritional needs
  • Development of entrepreneurial opportunities


Our tailor-made approach enables us to not only understand the community’s true needs, but also to align the needs with solutions that may benefit our clients; thus ensuring sustainability.



Herewith some examples;


Out-grower Scheme

A good example of such a symbiotic relationship between a project solution and the community is the development of a community based out-grower scheme for a client who wanted to implement a biomass to energy project. The community will benefit from training, skills development and a ready market while supplying our client with biomass feedstock for the energy project.


Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Our unique approach to finding client specific solutions gave rise to a community development structure that was based on a Centre of Excellence where community members could benefit from training and skills development from subsistence farming up to and including commercial farming.


Rural Sanitation

The availability of clean, running water and proper sanitation for all households is a priority of both the South African government and various NGO’s. It is a well-known fact that proper sanitation will prevent a myriad of life threatening diseases that often occurs in communities where sanitation is not available. Selectra’s unique wastewater treatment technologies offer the potential to both alleviate the pressure on existing sanitation infrastructure and introduce proper sanitation in rural areas where it is not in existence. The wastewater treatment plant can form the basis of a biogas plant to supply energy for cooking.

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