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Working with leading international technology providers to develop, manufacture and install reliable, low-risk, cost-effective and ecologically sound solutions for the benefit of our customers

Advanced Sequencing Batch Reactor Sewage Treatment

Affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use activated sludge sewage treatment system that is compact enough for households and housing estates, and scalable to community size treatment plants.

Ultra-Low-Energy Wastewater Treatment

New builds – high capacity wastewater treatment plants with small footprint
Plant upgrades – the most cost-effective way to increase capacities of existing municipal scale plants without

For the removal of contaminants and pathogens from water to make it safe for human consumption or for reuse applications such as toilet flushing, washdown water and high-quality irrigation water.

  • A proven range of anaerobic digesters with over 170 reference sites worldwide.
  • Advantages include industry-leading energy efficiency, operating safety, and availability
COLUBRIS Bioresource Solutions

Recovery of high-value vegetable proteins, starches, and dietary fibers from green side streams from the food and vegetable processing industry

Colubris is a company that is using bioresources to create a more sustainable and healthy future. Their focus on using food side streams to produce plant-based proteins and dietary fibers is a promising development that has the potential to make a significant impact on the environment and human health.